Jun 30, 2015

Author: Emma Gonzalez

Entrepreneur Liam Bates has launched a company that he believes can produce the air quality of the Swiss Alps in your own home.

With two co-founders, the Swiss-born businessman set up Origins Technology in Beijing, which specializes in creating smart air quality devices for the Chinese market. […]

[…]Most air monitoring products in China are designed for certain locations and consequently were not accurate enough. And this prompted the company to come up with the Laser Egg.

“The composition of the air is different depending on where you are,” Bates explained. “So you need different types of calibration. That’s why our device uses wifi to download the calibration it needs for the specific location.”

Although an official launch date for the Laser Egg has yet to be announced, first shipments will start this month. The product, which will costs 379 yuan, is already available through pre-order on Origins Technology’s JD.com crowdfunding page and on its website.

Additionally, the company has rolled out Breathing Space, a smartphone app that allows users to monitor the air quality around their Laser Egg remotely. […]