Sep 17, 2015

Author: Rohan Malhotra

[…]Origins, a Beijing-based startup, has just begun to sell the Laser Egg, a battery-powered portable air quality monitoring device able to provide readings for PM2.5, pm.05 and the more commonly observed AQI indices. The idea behind the Laser Egg fills in a gap where other monitoring solutions fall short by providing a relatively inexpensive (RMB 379), accurate monitor – separate from a purification device – that you can take with you wherever you might need readings.

Perhaps the most useful feature the Laser Egg has to offer is its ability to gauge the effectiveness of any home purifying solution. I’d already tested the Egg against the known reliability of the embassy readings, against my home with no filtration – demonstrating city-wide and indoor-outdoor variance – and now I wanted to test the Egg in a closed environment with air filtration measures in place. Readings taken from my desk approximately 2 meters away from the purifier.

Conclusion: Impressive.

The Laser egg is not a purifier, but it does what it says it does with a convincing level of accuracy. Would I have bought one if it was the case that I had a fancy purifier with an inbuilt reader? Probably not. But then again, this reader can travel, and I’m still keen on testing the air quality in the subway, not to mention my office space over in Haidian.

In conclusion, the Laser Egg is for the curious and precautious types amongst us. […]