Jun 03, 2015

The Laser Egg is outfitted with technology that makes air quality monitoring smarter, faster and easier for everyone.

Beijing, China / June 3rd, 2015 – Origins Technology, a Beijing-based technology start-up, today launched the Laser Egg, the world’s first highly accurate and inexpensive mobile air quality monitor. The futuristic looking small device empowers people to take charge of their environment. Origins also launched an accompanying smartphone app with a groundbreaking feature that allows users to identify pollutionfree shopping areas and a host of other public spaces close to them.

Origins Technology develops cutting edge smart devices designed to help people build and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

The Laser Egg is available for pre-order from June 3rd on Origin’s JD.com crowdfunding page and Origins’ website for RMB 379 (approximately USD62). WeChat official store and offline sales will start soon.

Fast, smart, easy technology for everyone

The Laser Egg is outfitted with technology that makes air quality monitoring smarter, faster and easier for everyone. Origins’ proprietary technology greatly improves the laser sensor’s accuracy when monitoring pollutants and drastically reduces the cost of the sensor. The algorithm used to calculate the level of pollutants was developed by Origins’ team of air purifying experts. It produces extremely accurate readings of the pollution levels in the air, all the way down to particles 0.3 microns in size.

The Laser Egg provides three types of information on its LCD screen: AQI (including U.S. and China calculation methods), concentration, and particle count. The beautifully designed Laser Egg is the size of a grapefruit; it sits in a futuristic white plastic shell. An embedded rechargeable battery provides power, so owners can move it around to monitor air quality throughout their apartment and make adjustments – set a Laser Egg on top of a working air purifier to test its efficiency, and you’ll see when to change the filter. No more guesswork!

“Origins wanted to give everybody the ability to understand the air they are breathing and be able to make changes fast, based on reliable air quality monitoring.” says Liam Bates, co-founder of Origins Technology. “The Laser Egg does just that, and we managed to make it a lot more affordable than anything else on the market today.”

Fresh Ideas partnership takes Laser Egg data to millions of people in China

Origins also unveiled Breathing Space on June 3rd, a free iPhone app that lets users monitor the air quality around their Laser Egg remotely, set alarms notifying them of pollution peaks so they can decide when to turn on their air purifier or wear a mask. The app, which will be available soon in the app store, also makes it easy to transfer monitored data to the user’s personal computer.

The Breathing Space app’s groundbreaking feature allows residents of often-polluted cities to find public venues that have the Laser Egg and that display their indoor AQI, with directions to get there. Users can now seamlessly find healthy environments for their next coffee meeting, yoga session or play activity for their children. An Android app is in development.

“We’re excited about the potential it gives people for power over their lifestyle, thanks to our network of public-area Laser Egg devices,” says Liam Bates. “We are giving people the power to choose pollution-free places when they leave home. And we’re offering business owners an added value service that attracts health-conscious citizens.”

The feature is available in Beijing at launch and will expand to other cities in the future. The venues’ AQI and details will also be available through a unique partnership with app developer Fresh Ideas later in June, allowing the information to be accessed via China’s most popular AQI app, China Air Quality Index. The partnership means that millions of people in China can benefit from the data made available by Origins’ network of public air quality monitors.

About Origins Technology

Origins Technology is a young technology company based in Beijing with one goal: to develop cutting edge smart devices designed to help people build and sustain a healthy lifestyle. The company, founded in 2014, develops, manufactures and markets the OxyBox, a highly efficient and affordable air purifier that reduces pollutants in a regular apartment in China to levels below those found in the Swiss Alps. The company’s second product, the Laser Egg, is an inexpensive, highly accurate air quality monitor that educates people about the air immediately around them so they can take charge of their environment.

Origins believes that performance and flexibility must outweigh any marketing strategy: success can only come through honesty, responsibility and commitment to its customers. That’s why all the company’s innovative, high-tech solutions are extensively tried and tested in the field.

“We expose our products to the elements, place them in the hands of everyday people and adapt our solutions to real life situations,” says co-founder Liam Bates. “It’s the only way to ensure that our technology really does benefit our customers – and we’re very confident it does.”

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