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Knowing your air,
made simple.
Monitor indoor and outdoor air quality, know how to adjust your lifestyle.
Make informed choices.
Breathe better air.
“Being able to check the air in my kid’s room at a glance has give me such peace of mind - great app!”
Thomas Johnson, France
“I’m an air quality geek, so I adore the data export feature. This helped me better understand the trends in my home and how to improve them.”
Jay, India
“I use the Kaiterra app every day to check the air quality outside and in my home, to help me choose how I should exercise and stay fit.”
Zhang Yi, China
Monitor, indoors & outdoors
Globalised but localised
View air quality measurements from official monitoring stations in over 50 countries across the globe.
Connect and correct
Add your personal air quality device and monitor the air quality in your home.
In-depth insights into your air
Browse the historical data of your monitor by the minute, hour or day. Gain insights into your home and find ways to improve it.
Air quality as a priority
Set alerts and alarms so that you’re notified whenever the air quality changes.
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